We are affiliated with Islamabad Gun & Country Club and have Inaugurated more than 20 Clubs in Pakistan

Woodsman Pakistan is specialized in Archery since 2014. We work with Govt like Pak Army, Airforce, Punjab Police, Islamabad Gun & Country Club and Private Organizations.



Carbon Recurve bow for Sports

Bow length: 68 inches

Bow shank length: 25 inches

Rally: 18-40 pound

Bow shank weight: 2.5 pounds

Gross weight: 3.4 pounds

Color: Blue / red /green / yellow


Carbon Recurve Bow

Description : 
Performance: Environmental Outdoor Archery Shooting Game
Applicable Crow: Adults hunting bow 
Bow length:56″ 
Bow weight:1.8lbs 
Draw weight:30-50lbs (30lbs,40lbs,50lbs) 
Draw length:28″ 
Riser length:17″ 
Riser weight:1 lbs 
Brace height:7.5″-8″ ​

Wooden Arrows with Custom Made Broadheads

Outer diameter: 7.8 mm

Insider diameter: 6.2 mm

Total length: 30 inch

Weight: about 34g

For recurve and Compound bow under 60 pounds

Spine: 700


Turkish Bow (Ottoman Bow)

Package: 1pcs bow+1pcs string
Bow Length: 140cm(55 inch)
Draw Weight:45lbs at 28 inch draw
Draw Length: up to 32 inches
Bow material: Wooden bow with Fiberglass Laminated covered by leather

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